A guide to customize the appearance of Moderne mobile app

You can change your Shopify mobile app appearance's content, layout, menu, slider, banner, colors, etc through theme customization on Shopify admin. Each theme provides settings that allow you to change the look and feel of your store without editing any code. This setting only exists if the theme has been integrated with the Moderne mobile app

The following are the steps for setting it up

Step 1. Open theme customization.

In this step, you can open the theme customization from your Shopify admin, and go to Online Store > Themes.> customize
open theme customization

Before you customize your Shopify mobile app appearance through theme customization, it's a good idea to make duplicate your theme.

Step 2. Setting up your App

You can go to the Theme Settings tab and scroll down. Settings for Shopify mobile app are marked with  "App-" prefix.

mobile app setting

  1. App - Colors tab: You can make change text, border and background color of the button, header, side menu, bottom tab, and cart page.
  2. App - Language: you can set the language on your app
  3. App - Product list: used to change the product page's color
  4. App - Header: settings for uploading logo in the header
  5. App - Side menu: tab to set menus and icons on the sidebar
  6. App - Menu horizon: tab to set menus and icons on the top bar
  7. App - Home page slider: tab to uploading and set images slider
  8. App - Home page banner: tab to uploading and linking images banner
  9. App - Home page collection: used to display the collection
  10. App - Store locator: tab to set store location and display it on the map

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