Alert! Here Are Things That Makes Customers Leave Your Website Too Soon!

If you rely on the number of visitors to measure your website's performance, you are missing out something important. There is something called "bounce rate", which is a number of people leaving your website pretty soon after seeing one page only. Many search engines are "punishing" websites with high number of bounce rate because they are considered as spam website.

1. Errors

This is a no brainer. Nobody likes spending time for refreshing one page for over and over again. Once they see your website is not working properly, they would rather come back to search engine result page to find another page that could get her what they expect.

It is necessary to check out your website regularly to detect errors and fix them as soon as possible. Try using multiple kinds of device and internet connection to see if it makes any difference.


2. Slow Speed

People are getting impatient. They wouldn't want to waste their time on your page while they can browse a lot on other website. As a matter of fact, slow speed is one of the most common reason of bounce rate.

Slow speed is such a terrible thing for e-commerce because you need your visitors to check out as much products as possible in hope for a huge sale. So test your speed regularly and evaluate immediately had you found it getting slower to load.


3. Too Many Distraction on the Page

Ads can help you earn, but it can be annoying. If you went overboard, chances that people would choose to not buying on your e-commerce at all. This, of course, is a big loss for your business. It is not that you need to avoid displaying any ads. But you just need to adjust it so people could still focus on your products.

Other distraction that may cause a bounce rate is flashy design. When you put up too many bling bling things on your website or hyper-bright color theme, it will make people's eyes getting too tired too early. Thus, they would rather bounce away.


4. Confusing Experience

There are websites that hide their main navigation button within contents, in hope to lure visitors to read your article first before moving on. This is a failed move. Nobody likes to waste time and people would prefer visiting website where they know which button to click.

The length of checkout process needs to be considered too. Don't make your visitor spend too much time or click too many buttons just to make a simple purchase as they might change their minds before the purchasing process is completed.

Also, check out the layout and spacing on each page. Don't let it be too full and cluttered.


5. False Advertising

Imagine you see an ads saying this website will give you a free sport car. You visit the web, and it turns out that the web is actually selling cars and there is no information displayed regarding the free stuff. Such false advertising will effectively increase the bounce rate, even though you did make quite a good page view number.

It is not just ads. You also need to make your meta description pretty accurate so people who visit your website will be the people who actually need to be there.


6. Not Enough Visual

Maybe you mean to give clear and detailed information, so you write down a long article on your page. But a long page filled with words only can be exhausting for the eyes of visitors. They might end up navigate away from your website after just a very quick scroll without even really reading anything.


7. Not Built for Mobile

Many e-commerce owners don't invest much enough for the mobile version of their website. Little did they know, according to statistic, it is actually about 75% people are browsing internet via smartphone.

While actually, browsing a website on desktop-mode via mobile is very much uncomfortable. You need to zoom in, zoom out, slides away, and scroll away every single time. It is so tiring that it gets you a high bounce rate in the category of mobile traffics.


What you actually need to focus on is "dwell time", which is the median duration of people spending their time on your website. The higher it gets, the higher rank your website gets. Logically speaking,

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