What Makes Hiring A Professional for Custom Shopify Design Really Worth?

So you need a custom design for your shopify page. You start browsing about the pricing and realize how wide is the price range. The cheapest one is of course, by doing it yourself. Meanwhile, the most expensive one is by hiring a professional team to get it done. Somewhere in between, you can hire a freelancer or an amateur.

All of those scenario results in one thing : a new design for your website. So what are the differences? Are those differences even worth the money?

Here is the explanation:

1. Professionals See What You Can't See

If we don't know much about website design, we might fail to notice the problems we are currently having. We might also don't really have the idea about what kind of upgrade that could boost our business.

This is where a professional help is needed. With their skill and experience, such kind of job gets easier.

Many people tried to make their own custom website design. They expect a high return in traffic and sales but no significant changes actually occurred. They might say maybe custom design doesn't do wonders. But mostly, such thing happens because they don't see what they actually need the way a professional does.


2. Higher Findability

Ever wondering why does your page have very low traffic even though you are sure that your business offer such a good deal? It is like your huge effort is just too invisible and you have no idea how you could make people to find your page.

The answer for such question is, SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process to make your website easier to appear on the result page on search engines.

SEO is not a simple thing because every website wants to appear on the first page of search results. Many things need to be considered and adjusted. The better your effort, the higher your page's findability. Thus, it is better to leave it to professional, isn't it?


3. Aesthetic

Pretty much expected, websites designed by experts tend to look more appealing than those made by amateurs.

It is not just about looking flashy and nice. A good design will not only look good, but is also comfortable to look at for a very long time. It will not get boring or dull after several visits.

Also, sometimes the design carries on a specific meaning behind it. Something unique from your business' characteristic.


4. More Functional and Neat Interface

Imagine someone visits your website, she feels curious about what you offer and she plans to browse more. But unfortunately, your website is too cluttered and messy that even she needs an effort to find which button to click.

Imagine someone wants to buy something from your online shop but there are many buttons don't work that she needs to refresh the page several times in order to click a purchase.

Such experience will make them consider leaving your page sooner. Your website needs to be functioning well. It must be easy to use and well-organized.

Even if you are a very well-organized person, you might not know better how to declutter a website than an experienced designer.


5. Well-Managed Timing

While your website is being upgraded, your business would be on a pause or at least it will not work optimally until the upgrading process is finished. But after that, you might need to take a bit more time for testing it out and perfecting it even more.

On the other hand, there is a rule said that time is money. This means you also need to calculate how much time would you invest for upgrading your site with this new custom design.

If you are trying to do it alone, you would not really know how much time you would spend to get it perfectly done. Not to mention that it doesn't even guarantee a satisfying result.

On the other hand, a professional web designer is able to give you a clear schedule about the project and they will likely to catch up their own deadline. It is a lot more efficient.


To sum it up, professional pays a lot more attention to details. It will deliver a much better quality of a design. To achieve more effective design, it is important to communicate well with your designer about whatever you hope for the new design, what problems do you have in the past,

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