Just Launch Your Website? Here Are 5 Common Websites Problems in Newbies That You Need to Anticipate

Your website is about to be launched. Congratulations! Your journey on online business is starting. The roads ahead may not be so smooth, but you can prepare yourself to deal with obstacles you may find along the way. And with a new website to launch, you need to prepare yourself to face these common website problems!

1. Poor Findability

Not many people know your website already. You can advertise it, but still you will need organic traffic. Most new websites can't seem to appear on search engine result, especially on the early pages. This may be a huge problem because if nobody finds your website, your business would not be able to grow well.

Solution :

  • SEO strategy

Search Engine Optimization is a vital thing to determine your website's findability. You can make a great quality content that you believe people will love. But without SEO, those people might never find a way to get to your website.

  • Updates

Sometimes, people don't do anything about their website anymore once it is launched. Little did they know, this will make your rank drops, no matter how good your SEO at the start. Thus, it is a must to regularly provide something new on your website.

  • Social Media Share Button

When people visit your website and like it, you would wish for them to recommend your page to their friends. With social media share button, your visitors can effortlessly recommend their friends and family to check out what you got.


2. Security Issues

New websites are prone to hackers and cyber criminals. This problem could seriously bring damage your business. Unfortunately, this is a very common website problem since many people don't truly realize the importance of security before they face a costly trouble.


  • Review Your Security Plan Regularly

Yes, you need to have a security plan. Because, there are many things that you can do to prevent hackers on your website. It is strongly recommended to have an IT guy to review it regularly. Don't forget to educate yourself about website security issue too.

  • Data Back Up

A hacker could go into your website and deletes everything without a trace, everything you have worked for so hard. But with a back up, things would not go as sad. You just need a little bit of clicks before getting your website back on its feet. Backing up needs to be done regularly, depends on how often you update your website.

Important tips : Keep your backup on separate location with your website. It is better to keep them on several locations as well so if one server is going down, you would still have your backup data.


3. Bugs and Errors

Since the website is just launched, it is very normal if you find many bugs and errors in it. If left untreated, your website would be not well-functioning. Thus, your business will not be able to run as expected.

Solution :

  • Testing

Before officially launch your website, try testing it out several times. Use multiple device and an internet connection to access it. Test it thoroughly to make sure no errors/bugs are missed to be fixed.

  • Mobile Version

Errors commonly happen when the web is opened on mobile phone. To avoid such problem, it is best to make a mobile version for your website too. As a matter of fact, nowadays most people access websites via smartphones. 


4. Slow Speed

Nobody likes browsing on a slow website. It is boring and time-consuming. Slow speed is not only chasing visitors away, but it may also decrease your website's rankings. Sadly, it is one of the most common website problems.


  • Declutter

You can't have too many things displayed on your homepage. Not only it is unpleasant to look at, it is also causing your page slow to load. Tidying up your website organization would really affect its load speed.

  • Get Good Tools

Some slow speed problems come from the basic things such as bad web building software, terrible hosting, bad codings, too many features, etc. Maybe if you review these things, you can find a way to speed up.

  • Image Optimization

A very large image may look nice, but it could take forever to load. On the other hand, very small size of an image will be quick to load, but it is not aesthetically beneficial. You need to find which size is the most optimum for both speed and aesthetic.


5. Not Enough Evaluation

Sometimes people forget that they actually need to evaluate your website as much as you need to evaluate your employee. Don't do this kind of mistake.

Ask yourself as many questions as possible. How much visits and leads that you receive? How much time do people spend on your website? And much more. It is important to help you find what is needed to be upgraded or fixed.

Solution :

  • Analytic Tools

Google Analytics is a free-of-charge service on which you can view every statistics and data regarding your website. It includes the number of visitors, time spent, demographics, ad measurement, and much more. It is very beneficial to grow your business if you review it regularly.

  • Search Console

Another useful service from Google you can use is Search Console. It helps you to review and upgrade the visibility of your website. This tool can also help you find and fix errors on your website.


You have invested in your website. It is your job to make sure it works accordingly to make it worth the investment. Don't let these common website problems ruin your business!

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