Here is the Cues for You to Stop Using Shopify Template and Start Having Your Own Custom Design

For people in online business, shopify will likely be their favorite. The platform is easy to use yet very functional and neat. It also offers many choices of free template while also gives you room to have your own custom design.

Newbie businessmen will tend to go with the templates. Simply because a custom design is not cheap. But there will a point where you would need to step up your game and invest on a custom design. The question is, when is it?

Here is the moments that could be your cue for it:

1. Your Business Starts Being Mainstream

So many people doing things like you do, sell things that you sell, and post contents that are similar to you. It is not a good situation for you. You need to stand in the crowd and be different!

You need some rebranding.

While custom design alone would not be enough to gain that purpose, it can be such a good move to start with. A custom design makes people easier to identify and remember about your page. And if they remember your products more than they remember your competitors, it means you are one step ahead.


2. You Have Some Specific Message to State

Do you have a unique characteristic you carry along in this business? Or maybe you have a special business ethics and principle that you are proud of? Maybe a specific goal you wish to achieve by developing this business?

This is something you need to highlight on your webpage. You need a one-of-a-kind design that represents your message quite clearly on your website that people can see it on plain sight.

A template will be unlikely to get you to this. It will not be enough. It has to be something original and specially made for you.


3. You Already Have Quite Loyal Customer

It has been a while since you started your online business. You have some customers re-purchasing your products or service while being very pleased about it. Yes they come because you have good offers, indeed. But you need to give them more than that to keep them stay loyal in the long run

You need to give them the utmost user experience. You need to give them pride and joy everytime they make a purchase. Make them enjoy every click on your website while anticipating the products you offer.


4. The Features on Template No Longer Fulfill Your Needs

Templates are editable. As a starter, you might not bother yourself with editing any of it. But as your business grow, you will find yourself needing to edit it up every now and then. The more it grows, the more time and effort you will need to make a perfect modification.

Eventually, this thing gets more frustrating. You will start feeling that the templates are too limites. They don't have enough feature to satisfy your need. Even if you finished modifying a template, your web would most likely be awkwardly formatted.

That is the right time when you need to ditch all of those templates and start having a custom design. With custom design, you are free to have any format, layout, and features anyhow you want it to be!


5. Your Customers Start Complaining about Your Website

Sometimes you get signs that you need an upgrade with the website, but you fail to see them anyway. It is okay, no need to worry. Maybe you need some kind of alarm system. And guess what? You already have! It is called customers.

When your website design no longer suffices what your business need, it would be your customers who feel it first and clearler. Thus, they will let you know. Maybe they will say it nicely or maybe they will make a hard complaint about it.

That is why it is vital to keep listening to your customers because they know what you need to grow and they will inform you.


A custom website design might be quite pricey, especially if you hire an expert to do the job. You need to see it as an investment. It can help your business to grow if you do it right.

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